Tomorrow they'll be gone
A personal project about sharing my feelings with someone I love (and the difficulties of doing so), fear of the future and thoughts of suicide.

Some years ago when ever my future felt uncertain I began thinking of suicide. I don't know exactly when the thoughts began to appear, but suddenly they were just there. The thoughts usually appeared at night, so I didn't want to go to bed.
Thinking back on that time in my life, my most intense memories is of feelings but these feelings also seem so distant to me now.
Even though I don't think like this any more my girlfriend is the first person I have been able to talk to about this, but how do you explain these thoughts and feelings?

In this project I have tried to think back and remember how I felt in order for my girlfriend to understand me better and perhaps also learn something about my self. I have edited the story to reflect the feelings I had before as well as the way I feel today.