First prize in the Danish POY (Årets pressefoto 2015/16)

I'm very honored to have received the first prize for best foreign reportage in the Danish POY (Årets Pressefoto 2015,16) for my story about the refugee crisis in Europe.

I think it's very important that we keep focus on the still rising amount of people fleeing to Europe to find safety but are met by inhospitality, scepticism and hostility. It's not a proper way of treating people who have lost everything they own to war.

It's about time the politicians of Europe prove there worth and come up with a common solution to the crisis. Only together can we hope to help all the many people in the humane fashion they deserve.

That's why I'm glad that the panel of judges chose to emphasize the importance of the refugee crisis by also awarding the first prize in several other categories to stories about refugees and awarding the prestiges Press Photo of the Year award to my good colleague Jacob Ehrbahn's strong photo of a refugee family crossing under the barbed wire fence between Serbia and Hungary.